1. Je m'appelle

Focus: Introduce myself in French, learn the alphabet, words pronunciations and Subject Pronouns.

Click on the window below to access the interactive lesson.

One page view

Spread view

Click on the letters and vocab to listen to the pronunciation.

Lesson 1 - Je m'appelle

Complete lesson 1 contents:

  • Dialogues “Je m’appelle” with audio tracks and translation.
  • All the letters of French Alphabet with audio (click on the letters page 7).
  • Special letters and accents with audio (click on the letters page 7).
  • All the pronunciations: accents, double vowels, different pronunciations of the same letter with audio (click on the letters pages 8 and 9).
  •  Dialogue for spelling with translation and audio track (page 10).
  • Essential structural words.
  • Vocabulary (New Words) with translation and audio for each word (click on the words).
  • Activities with corrections.

Click on the document to open and interact with it:
– Audio tracks under the dialogues,
– Translation of the dialogues,
– Animated letters with pronunciation,
– Vocab with translation and pronunciation,
– Link to the forum to write down your production (practice).

To go further, check our lessons for beginners on the frontpage and the ebook Learn French! You’ll find tons of activities to practice and get better!