Mini Lesson 1 - Je m'appelle

Focus: Introduce myself in French, learn the alphabet, words pronunciations and Subject Pronouns.

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Lesson 1 - Je m'appelle

Introduce oneself

Welcome to the lesson 1, first step to learn French! We’ll focus here on introduce yourself with easy sentences. 

Maybe you should start with the alphabet. Check the right side of the sheet, you can click on each letter to listen to it and also learn a word that begins by this letter.

Now you can start to listen to the dialogues. You’ll learn to use the first 3 words that will follow you all along during your learning: “Je m’appelle” + your name. Check the pronunciation in the dialogues and make sure to repeat it several times to get it right. In fact, while it is indeed the first words you learn, the verb that we use here: “s’appeler” is quite difficult to conjugate. It changes like this:

– Je m’appelle → My name is
– Tu t’appelles → Your name is
– Il/elle s’appelle→ His/her name is

As you can see, the translation looks very different. It is because s’appeler means “to be called”. But in English, you don’t introduce yourself like that. So don’t try to understand the grammar of this verb now. We’ll have better occasions to speak about it later. Just note that every verb in French will change depending on which person we use as the suject.

If you want a detailed list of all the pronunciations, you can check the complete lesson in the link bellow.”

Access the complete lesson for free!

The complete lesson 1 is free! It includes activities, exercices, vocab with translation and audio. 2 formats available: computer and tablet/phone.

To go further, check the book Learn French 1 for beginners. You’ll find tons of activities to practice and get better!