Lesson 3 - Je fais

Focus: Conjugation at present tense for -ER Verbs (1st group), Negation and Personal Pronouns

Conjugation for -ER verbs

Now the serious things begin. We will see conjugation at present tense starting with -ER Verbs. By -ER, I mean the ending of the verb (at infinitive form of course) is “ER” (should be pronunced “é”) as PARLER, TRAVAILLER, ENTRER, MANGER, CHANTER, DISCUTER, JOUER… -ER are categorized as 1st Group verbs because there are plenty of them and quite easy to conjugate. You just need to replace the ending “ER” with the ending:

  • Je → -e
  • Tu → -es
  • Il/Elle → -e
  • Nous → -on
  • Vous → -ez
  • Ils/Elles → -ent (pronunced “e” but mute!)

So once you know these endings, you know how to use maybe half of French verbs. Great, right? By the way, you should always remember that conjugation for TU always end with a “s”, IL/ELLE with “e” or “t”, NOUS with “ons”, VOUS with “ez” and ILS/ILS with “ent” or “ont”. There are very few exceptions to this rule so try to remember it quickly. Also be careful with the verb ALLER. It’s actually the only -ER verb that doesn’t fit in the 1st Group. It has its own conjugation as an irregular verb.

Personal Pronouns

To make conjugation right, you should first now all the subject pronouns. You should distinguished pronouns used with a verbs for conjugation and stressed pronouns that, in French, are quite different with Objects pronouns. For exemple in English, in the sentences “Me, I’m happy” and “He calls me.”, we use the same pronoun “ME”. But in French, no.
Me, I’m happy. = Moi, je suis heureux.
He calls me. = Il m’appelle.
So for now, let’s focus on the Subject Pronouns that we use a lot in conversations to empasize the theme of the sentence and to quickly answer or ask questions. For example:
– How are you? = Ça va?
– I’m fine. And you? = Ça va. Et toi?

Click on the document to open and interact with it:

  • Audio tracks under the dialogues,
  • Translation of the dialogues,
  • Animated letters with pronunciation,
  • Vocab with translation and pronunciation,
  • Link to the forum to write down your production (practice).

This lesson is made with resources from Lesson 1 in the e-Book: Ecole Romain – Learn French 1. Check the book to access more content including:
– Complete grammar pages with exercises,
– Dozens of activities with corrections,
– More vocabulary with pronunciation and translation.