Lesson 4 - Je vais

Focus: Go somewhere, prepositions à, dans, chez and places.


“Aller” (TO GO) and “Venir” (TO COME)

We can easily translate “Aller” (‘to go’) and “Venir” (‘to come’) in English. The problem is the conjugation of the two verbs is irregular in French.
Actually, ‘aller’ is the only irregular verb that ends in -ER. It is the only -ER verb that does not belong in the 1st Group (aka -ER group). You can check inside the lesson the conjugation. Try to memorize it as it is an very essential verb. Same with ‘venir’ that is also an irregular verb. Also, you should know that other verbs are constructed with ‘venir’ as ‘devenir’ (‘to become’), parvenir, advenir… Once you understand how to conjugate ‘venir’, you shoud be able to conjugate all these verbs:

– Je viens. ‘I come’
– Je deviens. ‘I become’

The 3 basic prepositions for places

To say you are going somewhere, you need to know the 3 basic prepositions for places:

  • “à” is the most important one. It expresses the direction (TO) or the place we are at (AT). 
  • “chez” has the same meaning with “à” but is only used when followed by a person.
  • “dans” means IN. Use it instead of “à” when you need to specify you’re inside and not outside a building or a specific place.
Note that the correct translation for ‘place’ in French is not “place”. You should say “un endroit” ou “un lieu”.

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