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A free textbook to learn French

When you start learning French, it can be difficult to find a good textbook that is well suited to complete beginners who want to start learning French from scratch. You need a textbook with everything from pronunciation to grammar explanations in English, easy dialogues with audio, activities and exercises. I have good news! There is one book that makes the job, and it is completly free. Check out French in Paris 1.

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French in Paris 1, a free textbook in English

French in Paris 1 is the first book in a series of 4 books to learn French from complete beginner to expert level. It includes everything you need to reach the A1 level in French: easy dialogues with audio, vocabulary lists with pronunciation, all the grammar explained and plenty of activities and exercises to practice. Everything is explained in English so you can start now to learn French, all by yourself.  

Free and with new and great content

Can you imagine finding free textbook online and with great content? Well, French is Paris do that. It is organized to make you discover the French language and the French culture by following the life of people living in Paris. It is also full of pictures, funny dialogues and engaging texts that were specially meant to illustrate a grammatical point and make your progress very natural and steady.

A free textbook with interactive content

French in Paris 1 is not only free, it is also a great textbook specially designed to let you study in the most efficient and intuitive way. It is available in interactive ebook and pdf. Downloading the free interactive ebook lets you access the audio files directly by clicking on the audio player under the dialogues but also by clicking on each word in the vocabulary pages. Corrections are also available next to each activity or exercise.

The series of textbooks French in Paris

French in Paris 1 is part of a series of 4 textbooks that covers all the grammar to reach the B2 level. It is organized with special care to ensure your smooth and steady progress. Other books of the series are also available at a very reasonable price. Paperback are available on Amazon.

Click here to check the paperback edition.

The author

French in Paris is created by Romain Rannou who has studied literature and has years of experience about teaching french in different institutions and now use the books French in Paris to teach French in the school he created.

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