Monster French

About us is a website created by myself, Romain Rannou, graduate of Paris IV Sorbonne University in French Literature and Linguisitic and of Grenoble Stendhal University in French as a Foreign Language. After working for Editors in Paris and Alliance Française in Seoul,  I  wanted to create modern texbooks and interactive lessons that are better adapted not only to classes but also to people studying alone and with various supports as tablets and computers. So thanks a lot for buying the book! I really hope it will help you reach your goal!


Learn French is a project of 50 free lessons divided into 5 books from beginners (A1.1) to advanced speakers (C1), organized with a special care to make your progress smooth and steady. Each lesson focuses on a particular theme: travel, food, friends… for beginners and becomes more complex as you progress. We propose Mini lessons and complete lessons. Mini lessons are free. You can buy the books or the complete lessons to access more contents: activities, exercises, grammar explanations…

The mini lessons

The 50 mini lessons use the Online document format from Adobe which offers new possibilities for interaction. Just roll over the words in the vocab section to see their translation in English then click on it to listen to their pronunciation in French. But that’s not all, try to click on everything you see and it will interact with you. Be active when learning is a great way to get the best of yourself!

The Books and complete lessons

You want to go further? Try the complete lessons and the books. First lesson is free so you can see how it is.  “Learn French!” e-books are 10 lessons long (there will be 5 of them to include all the 50 lessons) and also give you access on the website to the Online digital format. Each lesson begins with 2 dialogues in which you discover new words and new structures. Practice your listening skills with the audio tracks, repeat the sentences to improve your pronunciation, check the grammar structures and the vocabulary on the “New Words” pages. Activities and exercises let you learn with practice. Check the corrections to see what you did well and what you didn’t. Like in the Mini lessons, interactivity is key. All audio tracks, corrections and translations can be activated in one click inside the document. 

Now have fun and don’t forget to give us your feedback! We want to know how we could improve the website and the books!